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Thread: Terabyte Disc PDF PPT Seminar Report & Presentation

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    Pdf 32 Terabyte Disc PDF PPT Seminar Report & Presentation

    The optical disc revolution started with CDs and then moved on to DVDs, and we're in the midst of the next-gen battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray. Since the birth of the CD 25 years ago, we've gone from 600MB to a whopping 50GB of storage capacity on these little, convenient and versatile discs.

    But for those who desire more space on a highly portable medium, new technology from a company called Mempile in Jerusalem promises to blow these limits away. The company claims that they can store up to 1TB (1,000GB) on an optical disc with the same dimensions—only slightly thicker—than a regular DVD and will be able to store 5TB once the jump to blue lasers is made.

    The 1TB disc is divided into 200 different layers, each comprising 5GB of storage space. Unlike standard multilayer DVDs, the layers aren't physically stacked and stuck together. The Mempile discs are solid and use a specially developed variant of the polymer polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)—a mixture of Perspex, Lucite, and Plexiglass—known as ePMMA. It's this polymer that gives the discs a distinctive yellow color. When recording data to the disc, the laser focuses on one of the virtual layers and, using a photochemical reaction, modifies only a part of the plastic to represent a "1" or leaves it alone to represent a "0".

    This approach uses three dimensions in the polymer to store data rather than the two dimensions used by DVD. The technology is currently limited to WORM (write once, read many) although the company hopes to have read/write drives available in the future.

    For more details download report from the attachment below on TeraByte Disc

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    Re: Terabyte Disc PDF PPT Seminar Report & Presentation

    any disadvantages in the terabyte disc.can you upload ppt of this seminar.............

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