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Thread: interested in 4wheel steering

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    Android Gmail 32 interested in 4wheel steering

    lets go and find out this

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    Pdf 32 Four-wheel steering(FWS) seminar report/pdf/ppt report

    Introduction : Four-wheel steering, 4WS, also called rear-wheel steering or all-wheel steering, provides a means to actively steer the rear wheels during turning maneuvers.

    It should not be confused with four-wheel drive in which all four wheels of a vehicle are powered. It improves handling and help the vehicle make tighter turns.

    Production-built cars tend to understeer or, in few instances, oversteer. If a car could automatically compensate for an understeer/oversteer problem, the driver would enjoy nearly neutral steering under varying conditions.

    4WS is a serious effort on the part of automotive design engineers to provide near-neutral steering. The front wheels do most of the steering.

    Rear wheel turning is generally limited to 50-60 during an opposite direction turn. During a same direction turn, rear wheel steering is limited to about 10-1.50.

    When both the front and rear wheels steer toward the same direction, they are said to be in-phase and this produces a kind of sideways movement of the car at low speeds.

    When the front and rear wheels are steered in opposite direction, this is called anti-phase, counter-phase or opposite-phase and it produces a sharper, tighter turn.

    Please find the following attachments"Four-wheel steering(FWS) seminar report/pdf/ppt report" here......
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