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Thread: Does Luck matter or Effort? - started on FB group by Supriya Ruj :)

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    Does Luck matter or Effort? - started on FB group by Supriya Ruj :)

    I feel it is effort as well as luck...without:Mauridia_02: luck even the best of products and people can fail!

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    quote :

    "LUCK is what that happens when EFFORT meets opputunity"
    truly believe in that..
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    which u thinkis d most imp one???????????

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    Now look around again & try to explore the peoples who are successful by morality of their efforts, and this you will find many.

    Their distinctive efforts have certainly taken them ahead, may be in changeable degree.

    People who believe only in luck shall be able to see opportunities in the mirrors.

    People believing in efforts creates opportunities irrespective of circumstances, favorable or unfavorable to make a real picture / image. Luck is an unknown fruit which will we recieve unexpectedely after strong efforts.
    So in between luck and efforts you must focus on the efforts most of the time. I focus to my energy to get what I want; I know efforts is the right way, Luck wonders around the right way.

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    Luck is depend upon you effort and Hard work

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    Quite Controversial !

    Well I guess that Luck is just the by-product of hard work.

    As Alan Bond Says :

    "I've always worked very, very hard, and the harder I worked, the luckier I got."

    And the biggest element in any Effort is Devotion. Even if you work hard without any devotion, You may not get Lucky. So Devotion is a really serious **** as long as luck is concerned.

    Hell Thats All.. We aren't expected to write an essay :ignat_02:
    :Rulezzz_09: P s P :Rulezzz_02:

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