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Thread: automatic drilling machine project

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    Pdf 32 Automatic drilling machine project ppt/pdf download

    Abstract:Any industry‟s has its own desire to maintain their ability to provide safe and secure drilling of their customer‟s hazardous materials. Addressing these challenges is a important task and the efficient delivery of their cargo, play a vital role in the economy of the country.

    This system provides the safety and accurately, automatic ir sensor sense the wood plates , after sensing the wood plates the automatic drilling machine comes to the target position through the automatic lift system. The drilling machine drills the particular position and moving up direction then , The wood plate will rotate for next position.

    The drilling machine drills the next position also like this the machine will drills the no of wood plates and different positions also.ignals. The automatic sensing the wood plate system is provided with the IR sensors placed at a target place. These sensors gives the wood plates are located in the particular position status to the embedded controller at the motor to which they are connected. The controller operates the drilling machine as per the received signal from the IR sensors.

    please find the complete project report here"automatic drilling machine project" here ............................

    The present project is designed around a microcontroller as a control unit. The microcontroller senses the wood plates at through IR sensors and controls the drilling machine. And it continuously monitors the drilling machine..
    The programming language used for developing the software to the microcontroller is Embedded/Assembly. The KEIL cross compiler is used to edit, compile and debug this program.

    Here in our application we are using AT89C51 microcontroller which is Flash Programmable IC.AT represents the Atmel Corpo
    ration represents CMOS technology is used for designing the IC.

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