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Thread: Gas turbine theory seminar pdf download

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    Pdf 32 Gas turbine theory seminar pdf download

    Abstract:A gas turbine is an engine where fuel is continuously burnt with compressed air to produce a stream of hot, fast moving gas.

    This gas stream is used to power the compressor that supplies the air to the engine as well as providing excess energy that may be used to do other work.

    The engine consists of three main parts. The compressor, the combustor and the turbine. The compressor usually sits at the front of the engine.

    There are two main types of compressor, the centrifugal compressor and the axial compressor.

    The compressor will draw in air and compress it before it is fed into the combustion chamber. In both types the compressor rotates and it is driven by a shaft that passes through the middle of the engine and is attached to the turbine.

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