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Thread: Vehicle mapping system project pdf download

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    Pdf 32 Vehicle mapping system project pdf download

    Abstract : This project is designed with microcontroller (PIC), 16X2 LCD, USART protocol, Sensors, GPS receiver, GSM modem, hooter, buzzer, E2PROM card and 4X4 keypad.

    The Black box or Event Data Recorder (EDR), records information about your vehicle and you driving habits. It records speed, temperature of the engine, distance travelled, status of fuel level, location information and more.

    The EDR can provide, for an investigator trained to understand the data, a “snapshot” of what a car and its driver were doing in a crash.

    It include the ability to collect statistically relevant crash information to improve the safety of cars and trucks, demonstrate the efficacy of traffic laws (like those addressing speed etc).

    The EDR store the information from different sensors on an External EEPROM until recovered from the module.

    The EDR contains information like fuel level, temperature, speed, distance, location information from GPS etc….

    We can use this system for emergency accident alert also. When the car crashes the system send the accident alert and the current position of the vehicle to a preprogrammed mobile number via GSM modem.

    We can change the number with the help of a keypad interface (optional).

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    Re: Vehicle mapping system project pdf download

    Vehicle mapping system

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    Vehicle mapping system project full report

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    Re: Vehicle mapping system project pdf download

    Vehicle mapping system project ppt

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    Vehicle mapping system full project pdf

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