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Thread: electromagnetic crane project pdf /seminardownload

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    Pdf 32 electromagnetic crane project pdf /seminardownload

    Abstract: This is a difficult project. This project would be appropriate at the grade 11 or 12 level.
    The students are required to interface a stepping motor, a DC motor (using an H-Bridge),
    an LED and an electromagnet.

    The crane starts with the magnet up& above the first bowl.
    When the program starts:
    LED at the top of the crane starts to flash (crane is moving, Watch out!)
    The crane drops the magnet into the bowl.
    The magnet turns on & collects the paperclips.
    The crane lifts the magnet and paperclips.
    The crane moves through the 90 rotation.
    The crane lowers the magnet and clips into the second bowl
    The magnet shuts off, releasing the paperclips
    The crane lifts the magnet back up
    The crane rotates back to the first bowl
    The LED turns off when the crane stops moving.

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    Re: electromagnetic crane project pdf /seminardownload

    i want project report on "Portable crane" urgently by 25 may, kindly upload d report

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