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Thread: vortex tube pdf/seminar/thesis download

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    Pdf 32 Vortex tube pdf/seminar/thesis download

    Abstract : Vortex tube is a simple device, which can cause energy separation. The principle of vortex tube is vortices produced by tangential velocity as a main driving force for the energy separation in the vortex tube.

    It consists of nozzle, vortex chamber, separating cold plate, hot valve, and hot and cold end without any moving parts.

    In the vortex tube, when works, the compressed air expands in the nozzle, then enters vortex tube tangentially with high speed, by means of whirl, the inlet air splits in low pressure hot and cold temperature streams.

    One of which, the peripheral air, has a higher temperature than the initial air, while the other, the central flow, has a lower temperature.

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