Abstract : This project is used for generating electrical power by simply running the train on the railway track. This project uses simple drive mechanism such as rack and pinion assembly and chain drive mechanism.

The pushing power is converted into electrical energy by proper driving arrangement.

A spring arrangement is provided at the top. As the train runs over the rails, the spring is compressed; rack and pinion converts the linear motion to the rotary motion. The larger sprocket is coupled to the small cycle sprocket with the help of chain.

This larger sprocket is used to transfer the rotation force to the smaller sprocket. The smaller sprocket is running in the same direction for the forward and reverse direction of rotational movement of the larger sprocket.

This action locks like a cycle pedaling action. The fly wheel and gear wheel is also coupled to the smaller sprocket shaft. The gear wheel is coupled to the generator shaft with the help of another gear wheel.

The power produced is stored in a lead acid battery and this can be used for powering lights with the help of an inverter.

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