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    Pdf 32 Orthogonal cutting pdf/ppt download

    Abstract : 28All tests were performed using tools with brazed carbide inserts of P25.

    After brazing, tools were carefully ground on a tool grinder with tool orthogonal clearance αo = 6o, tool cutting edge angle κr = 90o, tool cutting edge inclination λs = 0o, and tool orthogonal rake γo = 0oand 10o. In order to reduce the variation of cutting speed across the cutting edge, large workpieces of approximately 230-mm diameter were used.

    The workpieces were first bored to produce tubes of 1-mm wall thickness. The experimental results of Young et al. [9] showed that the tube diameter does not significantly change the nature of cutting conditions, therefore, they can be to a great extent considered orthogonal.
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