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Thread: Need your suggestions

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    Need your suggestions

    what are the problems that an engineering student faces during his engineering years?

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    Re: Need your suggestions

    These are the problems one has to face... Order of severity is a situational and personal matter!

    Problem #1: New and Unfamiliar environment, that is more or less unfriendly! (Especially people in Hostels realize this even better)
    Problem #2: A step increase in academic content. Far more than that in IIT preparations, which used to be more logical and interesting as well as challenging.
    Problem #3: A step decrease in quality of teachers and teaching aids. I dont know about IITs but I have seen NITs and other major engineering colleges both Govt. and private... Just for starters, guy who once failed Microprocessor exam is now teaching at my college!!
    Problem #4: Suddenly, big-bad-wide world begins to show its colours- Regionalism, Caste ism, Politics, favoritism etc. which had been hidden uptill now behind parents and family!
    Problem #5: The Crushing Peer Pressure... either to perform, land a handsome job, or just to ruin yourself!
    Problem #6: The claws of Love-Sex-Money!!
    Problem #7: Specific problems in some areas related to Gender.

    This list is not exhaustive... you might add-on to this!!

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    Re: Need your suggestions

    mmmm....assignments....assignments and well some more assignments. It's like "the race to complete assignments." It's what makes the engineers so meticulous and gives them the ability to accomplish targets.

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