Abstract : Recently there have been a lot of accidents because of glare due to high intensity head lights.

In our everyday life we have found it very difficult to drive the vehicles during the time of sunset. the major cause of accidents being due to disturbance in vision which are mostly physical.

It has been found that the so called rods and cones (light sensors present in the retina) are tuned to see the environment in moderate lighting.

Both high intensity and very low intensity lighting will result in poor vision.

It is also observed that when one particular part of the image received by the eye is very bright, the rods and cones of the eye try to reject all around images around it.

This leads to very poor vision even when the surroundings are moderately lighted up.

We have designed a system which would block such point sources of intense light.
This system can be manufactured with simple etching techniques or much more efficiently by using, nanotechnology.
Thus preventing decreased vision and possible accidents due to glare. Such a system can be effectively manufactured using nanotechnology.

Please find the following attachments"Nanotechnology Based Antiglare Windshield System pdf download" here..........