Abstract : Virtual Keyboard is just another example of today’s computer trend of ‘smaller and faster’. It uses sensor technology and artificial intelligence to let users work on any surface as if it were a keyboard.

Virtual Keyboard is a small Java application that lets you easily create multilingual text content on almost any existing platform and output it directly to web pages.

Virtual Keyboard, being a small, handy, well-designed and easy to use application, turns into a perfect solution for cross platform multilingual text input.

The main features are: platform-independent multilingual support for keyboard text input, built-in language layouts and settings, copy/paste etc.

Operations support just as in a regular text editor, already existing system language settings remain intact, easy and user-friendly interface and design, and small file size.

Virtual Keyboard is available as Java applet and Java-script.

It uses a special API to interact with a web page.

You can invoke its public methods from Java script to perform certain tasks such as Launch Virtual Keyboard, Move the Virtual Keyboard window to exact screen coordinates, etc. The application also uses a bound text control to transfer the text to/from the page.

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