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Thread: Automation and Control Systems seminar/pdf download

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    Pdf 32 Automation and Control Systems seminar/pdf download

    Abstract : The demands made on the surface quality and thickness of steel strip have increased in recent years. At the same time, operators have had to concentrate on maintaining high annual production rates.

    To balance these needs, plants have to be equipped with advanced electrical systems featuring dedicated control functions. This is a study made on the general automation and control system generally used in major Steel Industries of the world.

    This study deals only with the products and services provided by ABB Ltd.This Study includes the general description on Automation & Control System of Steel Industry, Drives, AC800 Power Electronics Controller, Communication Protocols & Case Study on Coil Car Pushing.

    When procuring electrical equipment for a plant, consideration needs to be given not only to the first-time cost of the equipment but also to the total cost over its lifetime.

    This has to take into account factors such as efficiency, energy consumption, spare parts and maintenance.

    The industry‟s preference in the past for adjustable speed DC drives, which easily achieve a good torque and speed response, is giving way to a trend towards AC drives.

    This has come about as a result of modern electronic converters offering the same speed accuracy and fast torque response, but with the added plus that the AC motors allow a major cost saving due to their simpler construction and high reliability, even in harsh environments, and easier maintenance.

    It is not possible to define a unique control strategy for a continuous processing line that will take account of all the different drive combinations in the various line configurations; this is particularly true in the case of the process section.

    Nevertheless, it can be done for some of the motor drives. This arrangement, known as indirect tension control, ensures that the required strip speed and tension are maintained.

    In other words, a bridle not assigned the function of a speed master acts as an indirect tension-controlled drive. I could successfully understand the whole system of automation and control in a metal industry.

    I understood the products and services provided by ABB Ltd and I was even fortunate to learn the manufacturing, assembly & testing procedures of those products.

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