Introduction :There are two types of distilleries:
1. Potable
2. Non potable

Potable: The distillery which produces first of all alcohol in the form of spirit etc. and then after maturation blending is done to make liquor. M/s MOHAN MEAKIN LIMITED.

It is leading manufacture of beverage of the sort country liquor, foreign liquor, beer and denatured spirit. Hence this is a potable distillery.

Non Potable: In non potable ones distillery only alcohol is manufactured in the form of spirit etc.

Lucknow distillery is one of the manufacturing units of Mohan Meakin Limited. It was set up by the Dyer Meakin and Company in the historic city of NAWABS (Lucknow) on the perennial river Gomti.
The distillery is housed in a building built about 480 years back by the Nawabs of Awadh which covers a carpet area of about 1 sq. km. approx.
It is located at DALIGANJ, 10 k.m. far from LUCKNOW central railway station.
Molasses is used as a raw material here. This is processed through different channels (prefermentation, fermentation and distillation) for the formation of alcohol.
Rail and road are the two modes of transportation used here. The nearby located sugarfactories supply molasses to it. It has two separated storage tanks.

One located nearthe city station acquiring molasses through rail and other one is located in the factorystoring molasses through road transportation.

Alcoholic beverages manufactured are of two types:

1. Undistilled beverages: beverages produced after fermentation and purificationand no distillation is done after fermentation is called as undistilled beverages.These beverages have low alcohol content. E.g. beers, champanege, cider, port,sherry.

2. Distilled beverages: if the fermented liquid is distilled then they fall in this category. These beverages have high alcohol content as high as 50%. E.g. whisky, brandy,rum,gins.

The processing of molasses produces large quantity of liquid effluent called ‘SPENT WASH’. The treatment of spent wash takes place in the EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT.

The units of MOHAN MEAKIN LIMITED as follows:
SOLAN : Brewery, Distillery and Bottling.
KASAULI : Distillery.
LUCKNOW : BREWERY, Distillery and Bottling.
MOHAN NAGAR : Brewery, Distillery, Glass factory and Fruits production.

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