Introduction : Dredging is one of the important fields on which major ship yards and ports are concentrating and spending a lot of money per year.

The deposit of mud on ship channels and front portion of dock, where all the repair works of vessels are carried out is a problem faced by the port.

This will reduce the draft and prevent the vessels from entering the port for berthing and to the dock for repair works. We concentrate our project on designing the dock frontage dredging system and by that maintaining a neat and accident free dock.

A cutter suction pump is used to do the dredging operation. A readymade cutter suction pump is available at the Port Trust. So in our project we have designed a framework to hold and manipulate the pump

. Also a floating platform is designed, on which the frame work is mounted. This float can be moved very close to the gate so that the regions closer to the gate can be dredged most effectively.

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