Abstract:Flame detection using 8051 microcontroller is an embedded system application which can perform task of detecting fire and temperature to prevent disasters without continuous human monitoring.

The behavior of this system is based on LDR sensor information. It uses LDR and LED which gives input to microcontroller by means of sensing.

When the system is powered-on, it detects the Light by using LDR, based on this the microcontroller LED is glowed.

Fire-specific signals are digitally processed by the microcontroller FMX5000 UV flame detectors meet the highest sensitivity class1 in accordance with the EN 54-10.

The detector window is monitored for optical integrity in the UV spectral range, heavy duty industrial housing for rough industrial applications.

This system can also be used in some industrial applications such as Heating and coal fired power plants, motor test
benches, tank farm monitoring, large industrial plants, airplane and helicopter hangers, fuel stores, pump stations, magnesium dry treatment(milling), wood product industry and so on .

By using this system we can automate the system to prevent the disasters without human involvement.

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