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Thread: Advancement in Technology and seminar report/pdf/ppt download

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    Advancement in Technology and seminar report/pdf/ppt download

    Abstract : Using stones and rocks to butcher dead animals, to date, this was the first known use of technology on earth. Since that time, both we human beings and our technology have evolved.

    Over the course of history, technology has evolved from stone flakes to a world of space travel and super-computers. The increased availability to information could lead to the development to several necessary and desired advancements in technology over the next ten years that could affect the world.

    The purpose of this paper is to enlighten that how the organization or business group gets developed due to implementation of the advanced technologies.

    There are some positive sides and also some negative sides of the advanced technologies in entrepreneurship. One of the major aspects of development of any organization is the type of technology being used in the organisation.

    If an organisation is using advanced technology with proper use of resources then, it can definitely create a good future both for itself and its employees.

    The implementation of advanced technology not only improves the quality of product of the company but also it gives to its employee to interact with the new and latest technology which in return enhance the skill of the employee of that particular organisation.

    If we focus on the organisation running in the developed countries then we can see that using advanced technologies also removes the dependence of organisation on the man power which in turn increases the unemployment but ultimately it makes resources for the organisation.

    Technological advancements have made the world smaller, and have made things easier. It certainly has managed to enlighten the society for the very better mankind and this certainly has a very positive impact on the education reform also.

    But it has also left mankind paralysed to some extent.

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