Introduction : Captive Power Plant (CPP) is the power generating unit of Replacement Ammonia Plant (RAP). Main objective of CPP is to provide steady and continuous power.

In CPP, steam is produced and using this steam Six Megawatt of electric power is generated. It supplies electric power to all processes equipments in Ammonia complex and also supplies steam to the main steam line to cater to the entire process steam requirement.

CPP consist of two boilers which are capable of producing 60 tones of superheated steam per hour with a temperature of 520 degree .

Celsius and a pressure of 110 ata, this steam is supplied to all major steam line. In CPP mainly four steam lines are used. They are classified as follows;

1) High pressure steam lines -110 ata
2) Medium pressure steam lines-42 ata

3) Low pressure steam lines-12 ata
4) Exhaust steam line-3.5 ata

Steams thus obtained are used for driving turbines, chemical process requirements, heating purposes etc.

In CPP nine turbines are used. Steam inlet of 110 ata (HP) is used for driving Turbo Generator (TG), which generates Six Megawatt of electric power.

All other turbines are used as prime movers for the pumps. Steam inlet of 42 ata is used for driving these pumps.

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