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Thread: Electric steering system seminar report,pdf download

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    Pdf 32 Electric steering system seminar report,pdf download

    Abstract : Additional future requirements for automobiles such as improved vehicle dynamics control; enhanced comfort, increased safety and compact packaging are met by modern electrical steering systems.

    Based on these requirements the new functionality is realized by various additional electrical components for measuring, signal processing and actuator control.

    However, the reliability of these new systems has to meet the standard of today's automotive steering products. To achieve the demands of the respective components (e.g. sensors, bus systems, electronic control units, power units, actuators) the systems have to be fault-tolerant And/or fail-silent.

    The realization of the derived safety structures requires both expertise and experience in design and mass production of safety relevant electrical systems.

    Beside system safety and system availability the redundant electrical systems also have to meet economic and market requirements.

    Within this scope the paper discusses three different realizations of electrical steering systems
    • Electrical power steering system (mechanical system with electrical boosting)
    • Steer-by-wire system with hydraulic back-up and
    • Full steer-by-wire system

    The paper presents solutions for these systems and discusses the various advantages and disadvantages, respectively.

    Furthermore strategies for failure detection, failure localization and failure treatment are presented. Finally the various specifications for the components used are discussed.

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