Introduction : THE SSI (SMALL SCALE INDUSTARY) today is immense for the growth of the country. Small scale industries are the industries which are run with the help of their labours and which also use some simple machine and power.

The investment scale in this industry from 50 lakh to 1 crore for fixed assets. Irrespective number of worker engaged is small scale industry unit.

In India these type of industries are permuted to meet with the problem of excess population and unemployment so the government of India prate entrepreneur to step up small scale industries by aiding him by giving loans, land ,guidance etc .

The strategy adopted by the government is:-
1. Public enterprenship should remain confined only to those industries and sector where private enterprise, individual or cooperate, is generally not attracted. Existing public entrepreneurship be improved through better management and by putting relative greatly emphasis on research and development. There is need to streamline the R&D wing of public sector enterprise.
2. All possible efforts be made very seriously (not casualty) for the development of an industrial culture. It should be realize that the central core of entrepreneurship is the motive force since by its very nature, entrepreneurship implies positive action and individual with the right kind of combination of ability can pursue their goal with unlimited courage and enthusiasms.

3. There is need to development management education and industrial training.
4. The development of backward region / area constitutes a new challenge. Program for their development be drawn up and should be effective implemented.

5. Adequate measure is a must for mobilizing & casting the entrepreneurs talent in the country .In this context, it should be realized that entrepreneurs are not the grief of a particular classes.
6. Economic administration by the state should be improved and made more effective so that economic policy may be fully achieve their objective in the overall interest of economy.

7. Financial institute should provide adequate and timely credit and timely create and technical assistance, especially to the small and medium sized enterprise. They may also impart knowledge about the need of economy and they should file their massive data in term of growth of new entrants or entrepreneurs in the field of industry.

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