Introduction : The aim of this project was to analyze and upgrade the existing generator protection system in BPCL-Kochi Refinery, Kochi.

Power generation occupies the prime place in power system. Industrial and commercial power system may include generator as a local source of energy.

These generators supply all or part of the total energy required or they provide emergency power in the event of a failure of the normal source of energy.

Generator protection requires the consideration of many abnormal conditions that are not present with other system elements.

Where the system is unaltered, it should be provided with automatic protection against all harmful conditions. We analyzed and studied the existing generator protection relays used in BPCL-KR.

There different types of protection employ different types of relays. With the technological advances being made in generation protection section, the generator protection using new methods have gathered momentum.

From our analysis on various relays in generator protection in BPCL-KR, we suggest using one numerical relay instead of all existing electromechanical relays.