Abstract : Lighting is a major source of electricity consumption.Commercial public sector buildings and residential houses account for 43% of the electricity used for lighting.

There are common problems that home owners encountered in relation with lighting system. One of this is due to some negligence like leaving the lights ON results of having greater power consumption.

This additional power consumption that wasted varies directly to our electrical bills. Another problem is for those busy home owners who will arrive home late at night; they want to have immediate access to turn on the lights to have preventive measures against robbery and crimes.

On the other hand Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology is most popular nowadays. Short Messages Services (SMS) using GSM is considered as the cheapest and reliable means of communication.

The Philippines have the largest population of mobile subscribers who uses text messaging as a means of communication.

An average of 20 text messages is being sent daily by a subscriber. Because of this, the Philippines have been considered as the text capital of the world. On 2007 alone, there are 42.70 million people who are subscribers of mobile phones.

Mobile devices, such as mobile phones, are becoming multipurpose devices. The researcher proposes a system that allows the user to control lighting systems remotely using mobile phones.

It provides remote control via Short Messages Services (SMS) using Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology.

This system can be used when the user is away from the place. The user only needs to use his cell phone in order to monitor and control the lights in their house.

This system is related on the past study which uses personal computer (PC) that contains the software components through which the lights and appliances are controlled and home security is monitored .

Regarding with this project, the researcher wants to develop a system that uses a microcontroller instead of PC. Using microcontroller will result to have a reduced size system and economical to digitally control even more lights.

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