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Thread: Introduction to robotics seminar report/pdf/ppt download

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    Pdf 32 Introduction to robotics seminar report/pdf/ppt download

    Abstract : In practical usage, a Robot is a mechanical device which performs automated physical tasks, either according to direct human supervision, a pre-defined program, or a set of general guidelines using artificial intelligence techniques.

    Robots are typically used to do the tasks that are too dirty, dangerous, difficult, repetitive or dull for humans. This usually takes the form of industrial robots used in manufacturing lines.

    Other applications include toxic waste cleanup, underwater and space exploration, mining, search and rescue, and mine finding.

    Recently however, robots are finding their way into the consumer market with uses in entertainment, vacuum cleaning, and lawn mowing

    . A robot may include a feedback-driven connection between sense and action, not under direct human control, although it may have a human override function.

    The action may take the form of electro-magnetic motors or actuators (also called effectors) that move an arm, open and close grips, or propel the robot.

    The step by step control and feedback is provided by a computer program run on either an external or embedded computer or a microcontroller.

    By this definition, a robot may include nearly all automated devices.
    Ask a number of people to describe a robot and most of them will answer they look like a human.

    Interestingly a robot that looks like a human is probably the most difficult robot to make. It is usually a waste of time and not the most sensible thing to model a robot after a human being.

    A robot needs to be above all functional and designed with qualities that suit its primary tasks. It depends on the task at hand whether the robot is big, small, is able to move or nailed to the ground.

    Each and every task means different qualities, form and function; a robot needs to be designed with the task in mind.

    Please find the following attachments"Introduction to robotics seminar report/pdf/ppt download" here...........

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    Re: Introduction to robotics seminar report/pdf/ppt download

    Sir the files which i downloaded in this site are not working, when i opening the files showing an i requested u to solve this problem as soon as ..........................................showing error message as "an error occur opening this file could not be repaired"...............whats this sir...........?

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    Re: Introduction to robotics seminar report/pdf/ppt download

    hi this is surendra

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    Re: Introduction to robotics seminar report/pdf/ppt download

    Thanks Sir.

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    Re: Introduction to robotics seminar report/pdf/ppt download

    Thanks Sir THis is very usefull

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