Abstract : In the present scenario power becomes major need for human life. Due to day-to-day increase in population and lessen of the conventional sources, it becomes necessary that we must depend on non-conventional sources for power generation.

While moving, the vehicles posses some kinetic energy and it is being wasted. This kinetic energy can be utilized to produce power by using a special arrangement called “POWER HUMP”.

The Kinetic energy of moving vehicles can be converted into mechanical energy of the shaft through rack and pinion mechanism.

This shaft is connected to the electric dynamo and it produces electrical energy proportional to traffic density. This generated power can be regulated by using zenor diode for continuous supply .

All this mechanism can be housed under the dome like speed breaker, which is called hump.

The generated power can be used for general purpose like streetlights, traffic signals.

The electrical output can be improved by arranging these power humps in series this generated power can be amplified and stored by using different electric devices.

The maintenance cost of hump is almost nullified. By adopting this arrangement, we can satisfy the future demands to some extent.

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