Introduction : GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation system composed of a flotilla of satellites put into orbit by the Department of Defense, and their ground stations.

With GPS, one can automatically determine the precise location (latitude and longitude) at any point on earth using a ground device that picks up signals from multiple satellites.

It works continuously in any part of the world and is available to anyone free of charge. With origins in secret military applications, GPS is now part of everyday life.

Dedicated receivers are small and inexpensive and GPS technology is now found in airplanes, boats, automobiles, cell phones, personal digital assistants, and many other common products.

Zigbee is the upcoming technology in wireless field, we had tried to demonstrate its way of functionality and various aspects like kinds, advantages and disadvantages using a small application of controlling the any kind of electronic devices and machines.

The zig-bee technology is broadly adopted for bulk and fast data transmission over a dedicated channel. The other advantage using zig-bee is that we can build a network of several nodes.

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