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Thread: DRDO training report pdf download

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    Pdf 32 DRDO training report pdf download

    Introduction : As a part of curriculum prescribed for B. Tech degree of Engineering I have taken my practical summer training. The period of training was from May 18, 2009 to June 18, 2009.

    The training report has been divided into 2 modules. First module concerns with the study and experiments performed on both Phase Change Materials (PCM) and Solar Radiation Chamber.

    These phase change materials are used to lower the operating temperature of electronic devices and/or circuits. Whereas Solar Radiation Chamber is that equipment in which experiments are conducted on PCM.

    Second part of the training project report, deals with the Construction of a Temperature Controller.

    This circuit control temperature by controlling a fan fitted such that if temperature of room/chamber increases beyond a set limit it will automatically turn on the fan. Thus, temperature of that vicinity can be regulated.

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    Re: DRDO training report pdf download

    do u have some sort of a report for any topic regarding electronics and communication (preferably 4th sem).Thank you.

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