Introduction : Robot is a machine designed to execute one or more tasks repeatedly, with speed and precision. An important aspect of robotic security systems is surveillance of specified area.

Interesting application can be seen in robot scanning areas to find explosive devices. Asset and location protection systems using robots allow hands-free operation via pre-operational programming to response to external stimuli.

Over the long haul, it is easy to see that security robots can provide significant cost savings, while they may never replace a human security professional.

Others may need to approach an armed barricaded suspect or enemy combatant. Still others need to go into a nuclear reactor to check if all is well.

Increasingly, security managers are turning to robots to help get the job done. These works mainly focus on target perception and identification and robot localization.

It is very essential to have a robot during disaster conditions like Earthquake or Bomb blast, where we have to identify live human beings as quickly as possible to save life. In these situations, human rescuers must make quick decisions under stress, and try to get victims to safety often at their own risk

. They must gather the location information and status of victims and the stability of the structures as quickly as possible so that medics and firefighters can enter the disaster area and save victims.

All of these tasks are performed mostly by human and trained dogs, often in very dangerous and risky situations.

This is why since some years, mobile robots have been proposed to help them and to perform tasks that neither humans dogs nor existing tools can do.

To most people, embedded systems are not recognizable as computers. Instead, they are hidden inside everyday objects that surround us and help us in our lives.

Embedded Technology predominates as it overcomes the drawbacks of all the existing mechanical and electronic systems. An embedded system is housed on a single microcontroller board with the programs stored in ROM.

Embedded systems typically do not interface with the outside world through familiar personal computer interface devices such as a mouse, keyboard and graphic user interface.

Instead, they interface with the outside world through unusual interfaces such as sensors, actuators and specialized communication links.

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