Abstract : The invention relates to a rotary piston engine having at least two rotary pistons, both being formed as gear wheels mounted in a rotatable fashion on mutually perpendicular axes in a housing providing a closed seal for the pistons on both faces as well as around their circumferences, and being at one point in a sliding, mutually sealing engagement of gear teeth with each other.

The following features are proposed according to the invention for a novel engine system:
1. The at least two rotary pistons have different diameters,
2. The teeth forming the individual pistons make contact at an angle of 45' in each case and have slightly helical flanks.

3. The tooth spaces which form chambers for carburetion and compression and the working chamber have an inside contour precisely matching the shape of teeth.

4. Each tooth is assigned a through flow bore, the latter forming a combustion chamber and being incorporated in the rotary piston, which bore opens into an outlet on the circular surface areas of the rotary piston which lie opposite each other, a closed seal being provided through certain angles of rotation for the bore at these points by means of opposing housing walls which enclose one rotary piston in a sandwich arrangement,

5. Ahead of the tooth engagement point lies a first connecting duct for each rotary piston in the aforementioned housing walls. This duct provides a flow connection between the tooth space rotating past it and a throughflow bore and fills the latter with compressed air or a fuel mixture

6. Behind the tooth engagement point lies a second connecting duct for each rotary piston in the aforementioned housing walls, which duct provides a flow connection between the through flow bore rotating past it and one of the subsequent tooth spaces, into which the charge in the through flow bore expands.

The a fore mentioned housing walls incorporate exhaust opening both before and after the tooth engagement point as well as intake opening lying opposite the exhaust opening, with the intake openings being connected to an air intake or a fuel mixture intake, which openings are flow connected in sequences to the tooth spaces passing by.

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