Abstract : Non line-of-sight systems such as mobile communications are severely affected by the multi-path effect.

In non line-of-sight communication, there is no direct path for the signal from the Transmitter to Receiver.

This results in signal undergoing multiple reflections, diffractions, scattering before reaching the receiver.

As a result, multiple copies of the same signal arrive at the receiver at successive time intervals.

This multi-path propagation distorts the signal reception by introducing delay spread and inter-symbol-interference (ISI) .

Equalization is a technique which is used to overcome the affects of multi-path and ISI in narrowband systems such as GSM.

It involves finding the channel response H(f) of the medium through which signal traversed.

The received signal is then passed through an inverse filter (1/H(f)) which nullifies the effect of the channel.

H(f) can be estimated at the receiver by using methods like training sequence, pilot carrier etc.,

H(f) being a random function ( since channel condition is unpredictable) can be estimated from time-to-time using a feedback loop ( adaptive method)

This project aims at such an adaptive equalizer based upon the wiener solution using MATLAB.

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