Abstract : This project uses a hydrogen fuel cell as a form of alternative energy to power a simple remote controlled car and presents some research on how hydrogen is made, how a hydrogen fuel cell works.

We showed that a hydrogen fuel cell can be used for operating the remote control car. We used two different setups for the hydrogen fuel cell remote controlled car.

The purpose of this project is to use an alternative energy source other than a conventional battery, gas power or other source of energy to power a simple remote control car.

In this work, we used a hydrogen fuel cell (1-2) which uses hydrogen and air and produces electrical power. A hydrogen fuel cell is used to power a simple remote controlled car rather than a battery or a gas powered engine.

The byproducts of a hydrogen fuel cell is only water and heat and the fuel sources are only hydrogen and air which are easier to handle then battery acid and gasoline.

The fuel cell is applicable to today’s consumer needs because a hydrogen fuel cell is much quieter, is lighter (mass power ratio) and is more environmental friendly.

Also the efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells is higher than gas powered engines. In this project a remote control cars battery will be replaced with a hydrogen fuel cell that is able to generate twelve watts of power .

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