Abstract : For the growing number of people using personal mobility devices, development of devices that address their unique needs are fundamental to their quality of life.

Traditionally those with mobility impairments have used wheelchairs to participate in activities. Two problems with traditional wheelchairs are the stress they put on the userís upper limbs and their inability to actively engage the lower limbs.

In this report we outline our proposal for a mobility device that requires substantially less force to drive by exploiting the mechanical advantage that an engine provides.

The goal of the Tricycle Project is to bring increased mobility to disabled persons.

Presently, hand-powered tricycles are used by many of the disabled in this community, but some current users of the hand-powered tricycles do not have the physical strength or coordination to propel themselves on the tricycle with their arms and hands.

The aim of this project is to add an internal combustion engine to the current hand-powered tricycle to provide tricycle users with improved levels of mobility, facilitating freedom in travel and contribution to the community.

The design objectives required a simple and affordable design, a design that needed to be reliable, sustainable, and functional.

The most important part of the design is the incorporation of the fuel powered system which was added to improve the efficiency of the tricycle and to make life more comfortable for the physically challenged persons.

A spark ignition automatic single speed two- stroke engine was chosen for this design and consideration was also given to the weight of the user in which a maximum weight of 70kg was used.

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