Abstract : Robotics today are advancing to the point where many tasks that used to be for humans only have been supplemented by machines that can do the same tasks faster and safer than their human counterparts.

Factories are using automated robots that do repetitive tasks all day long leaving the more skill oriented tasks for qualified personnel.

Nowadays, some modern households have small autonomous vacuum cleaners that patrol the house cleaning while no one is actually controlling them.

Of course these products have their limitations. A human is always needed to verify that the robot is doing its job appropriately.

We don't really want to leave people out of checkpoints and quality control, but the robots can do the majority of the grunt work for society to provide a safer, cleaner, and potentially better place to live for all humanity.

With the advancement and ever shrinking foot print of microcontrollers and central processing units more power and features can be fit on to smaller devices.

This project intended to take advantage of the advancements in the electronics fields to create a functional patrol security guard robot. The research process has been completed, design criteria have been chosen, objectives and constraints have been set, and prototype building and implementation has been completed.

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