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Thread: BITSAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies

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    Favorite 32 BITSAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies

    What Cricket fever is to India is what BITSAT fever is to students aspiring to enter the best engineering colleges in India! With the BITSAT exam scheduled for a month from 11th May to 10th June, we present some tips and strategies for BITSAT 2010 for all BITSAT 2011 exam takers. It does not take just preparation, but strategy, intelligence as well as presence of mind to secure a seat in BITSAT. Read on to find out how to gain more in those 3 hours:

    About BITSAT

    BITSAT is conducted online throughout India in various pre decided centres. The exam consists of 150 questions to be solved in 180 minutes (which gives about 72 seconds per question). This average time per question (72 seconds) is lesser than other competitive examinations. Therefore, the difficulty level of questions in BITSAT is between easy to moderate, making it possible to solve most of the questions between 65-75 seconds.
    The fact that an easy paper is easy for everyone thus increases the competition and makes it difficult to secure a seat in BITS. The crux of BITSAT examination is speed & accuracy.

    Tips, Tricks & Strategies to adopt in the exam

    As the clock is ticking away and your BITSAT 2010 is peeping round the corner, here are some tips to make this on-line exam fall in-line with your aspirations:

    • Refer to the prescribed exam syllabus and be sure you donít pick any topic beyond it. (Unimportant questions prepared = important time wasted)

    • Revising your class 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus is a productive investment of time at this stage.

    • Your BITSAT 2010 test will be asked and answered on a computer, make sure you have a working knowledge of computer and are comfortable using the keyboard and the mouse.

    • For the rough work, you will be provided a notepad and a pen. Make sure you keep your pen and paper near the mouse to waste minimum time in switching from computer to paper.

    • Donít rush into taking mock BITSATs. You should cover the entire syllabus once and practice from one reference book at least 2 times before attempting the mock tests for BITSAT 2010. To take up online tests and get immediate results, visit

    • Never miss any formulae. Keep reciting formulae, theorems, equations and constants in your spare time (if you have any!). The idea is to get so well versed with formulae that they become a part of your sub conscious memory, like your name and mobile number!)

    • You are not allowed to use a calculator for solving mathematical questions. It is, thus, important to brush up on your calculation skills. Remember multiplicative inverses of each number till 20. For example X/4 = X*0.25. You may also learn vedic multiplication for BITSAT 2010.

    • While appearing for the BITSAT 2010 exam, start with the section you are most confident about.

    • Time management can help you succeed in BITSAT entrance. Allocate a specific time to every section and try to complete the section within that time frame

    • As there is a negative marking of 1 marks for every incorrect answer, try to avoid wild guessing. However, an educated guess will not do too much harm.

    • It is always easier to find the wrong answer than the right one. If you are not sure of the right option, start eliminating the wrong ones and slowly zero down on right answer.

    • Donít take questions too personally. If you are stuck at one question, no need to waste effort, time and ego on it. A better option is to skip it.

    • Prefer morning time for the examination. If your slot is not in morning, then go with a very light meal. Donít go empty stomach either as it makes hard to concentrate.

    • Confidence and consistency come after patience. Do not panic if you are stuck or falling behind time as it will only worsen things further.

    The Mystery of THE BONUS QUESTIONS

    There are 12 bonus questions in the end of the paper which can only be attempted after attempting ALL other questions. Attempting these questions is a critical decision for every candidate.
    Here is a useful guide to learn more about these bonus questions: The Mystery of THE BONUS QUESTIONS: Click Here to read>>

    With all these tips for Online BITSAT 2011, your probability of getting into a premium engineering institute of India increases substantially. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to shoot a question in the forums. We will get back to you ASAP.


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    Re: BITSAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies!

    thnx dude for guidance nd plzzz sugest me books for bitsat xams dudte

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    Re: BITSAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies!

    hi frnds....dis is rakesh

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    Re: BITSAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies!

    pls suggest sthing for bitsat english

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    Re: BITSAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies!

    When we opt for the 12 xtra ques, is it compulsory to do all the 12 or if we do 6-7 ques? do the 12 xtra ques hav same marking as the other questions? 3 for correct and -1 for wrong?

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    Re: BITSAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies


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    Chat Re: BITSAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies

    Now Tips on how to attempt the paper-

    1. You should always start off with either maths or physics. The most important reason would be that in the end there are more risks of calculation mistakes than in the beginning.

    2. According to me you should Attempt the paper in the following order -

    Maths->Physics->Chemistry->English->Logical reasoning

    You can either go for logical reasoning first from English. Up to you.

    3. As there is a marking of +3/-1, donít go for blind shots , however if a choice between 2 options exist so go for it as Ďgetting a high score is only possible if attempt percentage is moreí.

    4. Lastly there is confusion on whether to attempt the bonus questions -

    You must know that you can only attempt those 15 questions only if you have attempted all the questions of your normal paper. Bonus questions are easier than normal questions but you should attempt them only in a scenario if you have done approx. 140 questions + you must have around 20 minutes to attempt those too.

    These are some important portion of the syllabus which you can work on more than other parts-

    Newtonís laws, energy and work, heat and thermodynamics, current electricity, Magnetism and magnetic effect of electric current.

    Concentrate on physical chemistry and quantitative analysis than organic and inorganic (especially for inorganic just go through NCERT)

    Trigonometry, Conic sections (parabola, ellipse, hyperbola, rectangular hyperbola), Vectors and 3D, Integral Calculus.

    I hope this would help you in the preparation.
    To crack BITSAT , itís not the level of questions which matter but speed.


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    Re: BITSAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies


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