Introduction : This project is about single cylinder fuel injection system in diesel engine. The fuel injection system of diesel engine consists of fuel filters, air cleaners; fuel feed pump, fuel injection pump ,fuel injector, and fuel tank.

The main difference between a diesel injection system and a petrol injection system is a fuel injection pump is used in diesel system, Instead of a carburetor in a petrol system, and all other components are same.

Fuel supply system in a diesel engine has to perform certain functions. They are given below:
  • Filter the fuel.
  • Meter or measure the correct quantity of fuel to be injected.
  • Control the rate of fuel injection.
  • Atomize or break up the fuel to fine particles.
  • Properly distribute the fuel in the combustion chamber.

The functions of the fuel injection system is to inject proper quantity of fuel in to the engine cylinder at the correct time and at a pre determined speed.

The fuel injection system may be broadly classified in to solid injection system and air injection system .In solid injection system only liquid fuel is injected where as in air injection system liquid fuel is injected along with the compressed air.

The air injection system is less reliable , less efficient, and requires an air compressor for supplying air at high pressure, due to which reasons it has become obsolete .

Thus the solid injection system is most commonly used. The functional requirements of an injection systems are;
Introduction of fuel into combustion chamber should take place with in a precisely defined period of time.
  • The metering of the amount of fuel injected per cycle should be done very accurately.
  • The quantities of fuel meter should vary to meet the changing load and speed requirements.
  • The injected rate should be such that it results in desired heat release pattern.
  • The injected fuel must be broken into very fine droplets.
  • The pattern of spray should be such as to ensure rapid mixing of fuel and air.

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