Abstract : The test apparatus was built as shown below and wood specimens were collected to be tested on the apparatus.

The apparatus allows the strikes of the hammer to be controlled and thus allowing consistent blows of hammer to be achieved with each specimen.

By observing the depth of penetration of the nails which is given by a constant number of strokes, resistance offered by the wood is obtained practically. The hammer drives the nail through the structure of the wood.

Theoretically, as the nail drives through, it pushes aside the cellulose fibers of the wood, which are held strongly together by lignin. Thus these factors of the resisting force of the wood to nail penetration are studied comprehensively.

Wood from different types of trees has different properties. Maple wood, for example, is very hard. In fact, it is easy to bend nails when trying to pound them into maple.

Pine lumber, on the other hand, is soft enough that you can mark it with your fingernails.

Thus by this test, we wish to achieve and obtain data of the depth of penetration of the nail, consequently finding out the resistance offered by particular types of wood and thus helping in identifying the wood by the ranges of the Resisting forces offered.

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