Abstract : Chimney, which form the last component of a system using a flue gas such as feoiler, IC engines, play a vital role in maintaining efficiency, draft, etc, of a system and also in minimizing the atmospheric pollution.

The boiler plant of HOCL had used LSHS (low Sulphur heavy stock) as a fuel. Recently they changed the fuel to LSFO (low Sulphur furnace oil).

As a combined effect of increased corrosion rate and natural calamities the stack had undergone failure.

As per the Kerala State Pollution Control Board the height of stack is not enough to avoid the atmospheric pollution.

So they decide to construct a new stack for the boiler. As per their desire we decided to do the design of the boiler stack as our project.

The project deals with design considerations of boiler stack as per standard procedures outlined in IS 6533-1971 and the norms of Kerala State Pollution Control Board.

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In the project work relevant section of codes related to stack are studied. Detailed stoichiometry workout to identify the flue gas emission rate is done.

The study of various principles outlined in the code for design of stack involves design of holding down bolts, base plate, foundation etc.

The design is checked against earthquake, Stability, Sliding and found that the aesign is safe against these factors.

The dynamic analysis is carried out to ensure the safety of the design. Finally it involves a CAD drawing of the designed stack.