Introduction : Project is based on the 2D Pantograph Machine. There are many parameters used in such type of machine.

Accessories, and optional accessories and also the material qualities are also included. Here i have prepared the project working model with help of guide Mr. Tushar shah.

All different processes are taken under processes at different company. For different processes like drilling, milling, and finishing.

There are different Functions which can be obtained with the help of changing some mechanical construction.

The Functions like robotics hand, pick and place, and many dififferent models can be obtained with the help of Electrical circuitary connections to the mechanical model.

Programmings can be done using plc and many input parameters can be changed using different Processors.

Here there are production ratio, works-tables, Collets, tamplate table, and no. Of speeds, range of speeds and etc.

Many parameters can be changed and many programming gives variation of the production.
Pantograph is provided with a variable ratio adjustment.

Scales are provided on the pantograph for adjusting the desired ratio, which will always be reduction from the template or character.

A self centering work holding vice is provided with arrangements for lateral and cross movement.

Please find the following attachments" 2D PENTOGRAPH MACHINE seminar report/pdf/ppt download" here......