Abstract : Storing data in the storage devices such as Magnetic Tape drives, Hard drives, Floppy drives, Compact-Disc, DRAM, SRAM, FLASH, etc, is important for the information technology world.

But as this industry growing on the needs of storing data is increasing tremendously. We require high data capacity, high data transfer rates.

Current trend storage devices can not meet this requirement. In this medley Nano technology is useful to design high data compression storage devices with higher data rates.

In this regard Ultrahigh storage densities of up to 1 Tb/in2. or more can be achieved by using local-probes techniques to write, read back, and erase data in very thin polymer films.

The thermomechanical scaning-probe-based data-storage concept, internally dubbed “millipede”, combines ultrahigh density,, and high data rates.

High data rates are achieved by parallel operation of large 2D arrays with thousands micro/nanomechanical cantilevers/tips that can be batch-fabricated by silicon surface-micromachining techniques.

The inherent parallelism, the ultrahigh areal densities and the small form factor may open up new perspectives and opportunities for application in areas beyond those envisaged today.

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