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Thread: Importance of Internships

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    Importance of Internships

    Why are internships important in an engineer's life?

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    Re: Internships

    Internships gives you an opportunity to implement your theoretical knowledge practically..It gives you an exposure to real technical world..Many times it may be a case that what we study may not be practically used.So as to keep ourself updated with real engineering we tend to give inportance to internships.

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    Re: Internships

    Just to get some experience of professional life beforehand. Also sometimes u get paid for it. And the experience u get can be showed in your resume for jobs , after u finish your degree. If you choose the company related to ur branch , then you also get the opportunity to use ur knowledge in real life situations.

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    Re: Internships

    It is good to get some working experience. It helps in making your resume strong.

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