Abstract : Cellular communication industry has grown leaps and bounds to become the essence of day to day science. Cell phone is the heart of cellular industry.

The number of cell phone users is growing exponentially. But the privacy of user and security of cell phone remains a challenging question.

Stealing cell phone has become the eye catching business for culprits. There should be a reliable method of protecting the instrument from burglars.

Our paper proposes a new innovative, reliable, fool proof security measure for cell phones using VOICE RECOGNITION. Voice recognition is the identification of an individual identity using speech as the identifying characteristic.

The voice of the user is processed (Speech Processing) using a digital signal processor which is the prime part of a cell phone. We are programming this DSP to implement this protection technique. Firstly an original voice database of the user is created.

This database is stored in the Flash ROM(8M) which is available inside the cell phone. Then whenever the user speaks through the cell phone part of the speech sample is taken and encoded.

This processed voice of the user is compared with the original database to check the identity of the user. If the user is authorized, he is allowed to continue his talk.

If not the transmission is cut abruptly by making the MP in idle state. Thus the cell phone is being protected from any unauthorized user. Even if the cell phone was stolen or missed it won’t be useful for any other person.

The programmability of DSP and universality of Voice based identification has given our method a dual advantage. Our proposal demands neither external hardware nor extra cost.

The above method possess no hardship for the user unlike the present security systems. This method can be adopted universally in all models of Cell phones for protection.

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