Abstract : Automatic multistoried vehicle parking system helps to minimize the time consumption.

In the modern world, where parking-space has become a very big problem and it is a very crucial necessity to avoid the wastage of space in big companies and shopping malls etc.

In places where more than 100 vehicles need to be parked, this system proves to be useful in reducing wastage of time.

Here the LCD is used to display the vacant slots in each floor. We use a different COLOUR LINE SENSORS to represent each floor on the vacant slot.

As soon as vehicle is parked in the slot intimation is given to mobile and count in the LCD changes. If the vehicle is hacked by unknown, a buzzer intimation is given to security guard by using the VIBRATION SENSOR.

This Automatic vehicle Parking System enables the parking of vehicles, floor after floor and thus reducing the space used.
Here any number of vehicles can be parked according to the requirement.

This makes the system modernized and even a space-saving one.

This idea is developed using 89C52 Microcontroller. Here program is written according to this idea using 89C52.

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