Abstract : In the industries and social premises security system is one of the important parts. The growth and economy all depends on this.

The traditional security system is not at all full proof and also very much expensive. To safe guard the premises; the most important aspect to be considered is the trace passing.

In this project the care is taken to design an security system, in which a one zone is protected.An intruder alarm system based on the detection of an intrusion caused by the interruption of an infra-red (which is invisible to human being) light beam being emitted by an infra-red LED and falling on a matched photodiode.

Both the transmitter and the receiver portions separately operate from 9v batteries. The transmitter and the receiverís gadgets can be mounted in an aligned position on the two sides of a door to check intrusion or even on the two facing walls of inside of a locker to give you an alarm whenever an unauthorized person attempts a mischief.

The gadget has a provision of both audio as well as visible indications. The audio indicator and the visible indication can be remotely located away from the location of gadget also.

The IR based system is very much advanced and works very much accurately. This type of devices are designed and marketed by the different multinational companies.

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