Abstract : Earlier, we are looking into the face of future when we talked about automated devices, which could do anything on instigation of a controller, but today it has become a reality.

An automated device can replace good amount of human working force, moreover humans are more prone to errors and in intensive conditions the probability of error increases.

Whereas an automated device can work with diligence, versatility and with almost zero error.This is why this project looks into construction and implementation of a system involving hardware to control a variety of electrical and electronics instruments.

This circuit enables one to utilize a telephone for remote switching ‘on’ and ‘off’ of any electrically operated device..

The circuit is only acoustically coupled to the telephone instrument. Consequently, we do not have to pay a single extra paise to the telephone department except call charges.

The switching operation is performed by making use of call + switch operations. While designing it has been ensured that the circuit is free from any false triggering by normal telephone ring signals.

With the help of this project, it is possible to control any electrical appliances from any distance.

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