Abstract : Lightweight structure is a new trend in machine tool design to ensure higher speed and higher acceleration of elements.

The drive andcontrol systems in mechanical engineering requires lightweight design provided by the recently developed light materials thus resultingin economical advantages.

The hollow-sphere-composites (HSCs) consist of hollow spheres up to 80 of the volume and a reactive resinsystem as binder.

The recently developed HSC materials, the hollow sphere bodies, are made from ceramics, silicates, plastics or metals and provide a range of structural materials of different chemical composition, grain size distribution, density, bulk density, softening temperatureand compression.

Therefore, a vast palette of HSC-variants can be obtained with different properties for a variety of applications. Themechanical properties of HSC materials depend on the properties of the spherical hollow bodies.

The mechanical and thermal behavior of HSC materials can be characterised by using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) andthermomechanical analysis (TMA).

The thermal and mechanical properties of selected HSC structures, e.g. machine tool components,robot arms, demonstrate the flexibility and application feasibility of this new material.

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