Introduction :Telephone is one of the most common and useful consumer electronics gadgets in the world today. It incorporate both Communication & Digital Electronics filed.

They provide us with countless conveniences in our daily lives. As the device is so much popular and part of every-day-activities, many add-on circuits are constructed to make it still more feature rich instrument.

One such add-on feature is this system which allows user to switch ON/OFF loads from remote end. It finds applications in homes, offices and even in industries.

Here is a telephone operated device control circuit which enables switching „ON‟ and „OFF‟ of appliances through telephone lines.

It can be used to switch appliances from any distance, overcoming the limited range of infra-red and radio remote control.
Basically this system performs the following operations:

1. It senses the “real” telephone ring.
2. Automatically switches the call to this system, after predefined rings.
3. Switches ON/OFF the load depends upon the key pressed by the caller.

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