Abstract : The project titled así Collide Vehicle Information Capturing Using GPS and GSM Technologies is an embedded based system.

By this advanced technology we can get accurate information about the victim This system combines advanced hardware design and sophisticated electronic control technology into a compact, reliable package.

In this project a vibration sensor is used as an accident detector. When the vehicle meets with an accident, the vibrating sensors generate the signal, this signal is being compared with the threshold values.

If the value generated exceeds the threshold it is recognized as accident and this information is immediately informed to their relative persons through GSM as a message to mobile.

In this system vibration sensors are used for detecting range of collision.

Sensor data will be in analog form so it needs to be converted to digital, which is fulfilled through A/D Converter, and this digital data is being sent to microcontroller there it is compared with the threshold values, if it exceeds the threshold values then only data will be sent to GSM (global system for mobile communication) & location data is captured with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System).

Here we are making use of the GPS which gives exact location of the collide vehicle.

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