Abstract : Upon entering the 21st century, wireless facilities for personal and commercial applications are becoming more desirable and, thanks to advances in wireless technology, also more attainable.

With the massive rise in popularity of mobile and fixed electronic computing devices (PCs, PDAs, Laptops, Mobile phones, etc.), there has been a growing demand for high speed digital wireless communication facilities.

As the numbers of these devices increase and their use becomes so widespread, the use of cables to connect them becomes cumbersome and more inconvenient.

Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard aimed at removing the need for cables between a wide range of electronic devices such as PCs, PDAs, and mobile phones.

Bluetooth was designed to provide short range, low cost, low power radio connections. It uses the unlicensed 2.4GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band that may be used freely worldwide.

In opting for a microwave based radio system instead of an infrared system, Bluetooth devices do not require a direct line of sight to communicate giving it a significant advantage over IR based competitors.

It uses a Spread spectrum frequency hopping technique that prevents interference from other devices also using the ISM band. This is a critical feature as it allows a large number of devices to operate in a localized area.

A Bluetooth FM transmitter using the high technology of the Bluetooth can send the FM transmission to your car radio, allowing you to talk to callers from an external DSP (Digital Signal Processor) microphone.

When someone calls you on your mobile phone, the music will stop playing on the radio and then you can talk to the caller. Once the call has ended, the music from the Bluetooth FM transmitter will resume.

It was the objective of this project to overview the hardware for an Application using the Bluetooth standard. The application was to aimed at establishing wireless connections between fixed and mobile (vehicular) modules to allow the exchange of data specific to the vehicles‘ objective.

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