Abstract : Library is a fast growing organism. The ancient methods of maintaining it are no longer dynamic and efficient.

For expeditious retrieval and dissemination of information and better service for the clientele, application of modern techniques has become absolutely indispensable.

A properly computerized library will help its users with quick and prompt services. Library automation refers to mechanization of library house keeping operations predominantly by computerization.

Objectives of this study. To develop and updated database of Books and other Resources of the school of Chemistry Library, Bharathidasan University.

To implement automated system using Koha Library Integrated Open Source Software,to carryout the charging and discharging functions of the circulation section more effectively.

To provide various search options to know the availability of books in the Library, to generate the list of books due by a particular member and also the overdue charges.

Koha is an integrated software system with all the required models for small to very large libraries. It is found that this automation projects will serve as a model for any library.

Being an open source, any Library wanted to go for automation for their library house keeping
operations can make use of this software.

Keywords: Open source software, library management, automation in library.

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