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Thread: Overview of gsm seminar report/pdf/ppt download

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    Pdf 32 Overview of gsm seminar report/pdf/ppt download

    Abstract : At the beginning of the 1980s it was realized that the European countries were using many different, incompatible mobile phone systems.

    At the same time, the needs for telecommunication services were remarkably increased.

    Due to this, CEPT (Conférence European Posts Telecommunications) founded a group to specify a common mobile system for Western Europe.

    This group was named “Groupe Spéciale Mobile” and the system name GSM arose.

    This abbreviation has since been interpreted in other ways, but the most Common expression nowadays is Global System for Mobile communications.

    At the beginning of the 1990s, the lack of a common mobile system was seen to be a general, world -wide problem.

    For this reason the GSM system has now spread also to the Eastern European countries, Africa, Asia and Australia.

    The USA, South America in general and Japan had made a decision to adopt other types of mobile systems which are not compatible with GSM.

    However, in the USA the Personal Communication System (PCS) has been adopted which uses GSM technology with a few variations.

    Please find the following"Overview of gsm seminar report/pdf/ppt download" here..........

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    Re: Overview of gsm seminar report/pdf/ppt download

    hey thanks..
    can u plz upload the report in WORD (DOC or DOCX) format today asap plz..?
    thanx in advance

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